What to do for beginner cajon player

Nowadays, cajons are very popular amongst music players and audience. With the increasing demand and popularity, many cajon beginners players can search from numerous links that are teaching how to play cajons. As for beginner level they are also search for competitive price cajon yet has good bass and slap tones. Bali Treasures offers some… Read more »

What is a Cajon?

HISTORY OF CAJON Cajon History A Cajon drum box is a drum made from a simple box with thin plywood in front as hittable area to create tones. Back in early time, cajon is made from crate box or a box that is unusable anymore. Cajon drum box is thought to be originated from Peru… Read more »


Rope tension tuning djembe introduction Djembe hand drum has a long djembe history from Africa to current worldwide djembe drumming. Djembe drum is well known for personal use, therapy, drum circles and many more benefits. It comes in various djembe prices and qualities. Bali Treasures as a largest hand drum manufacturer for almost two decades… Read more »