Our Product from Drum Factory have various range from Djembe into shaker. Our research and design department keep give out the latest design on Djembe, drum and all percussion music instrument. We are the only drum shop in Bali that have professional Djembe and drum percussion instrument, include also all accesories. We are the only shop that also use Legal Indonesia wood, also the only Drum Shop that have new invention about PVC drum that already been recognise world wide by Drum association. so check out our Product and Happy shopping……..

Sounds Of Metal Sounds of Metal : Hang Drum. The hang drum was told originally from a Swiss artist. The unique hang drum shape is always eye catching to the audiences. not to mention the magical tones produced.
Rain Stick The hollow tube from Bali Treasures Drum Factory called rainstick, made from bamboo and PVC. The beautiful rainstick provides an atmospheric sound when played. Good for meditation sounds.
PVC Hand Drums/ djembe High quality PVC djembe drums is global patented by Bali Treasures- Drum Factory. PVC drums are made from high quality PVC and have equivalent bass and slap tones with wooden djembe drums. Bali Treasures is the first factory in the world to produces PVC djembe.
Pro Series Djembe Bali Treasures-Drum Factory also offers Pro Series djembe with three rings system, more rope runners, shaved hair goat skin head and made from Indonesian V-Legal certificated mahogany wood.
Kid Stuff The kid stuff are made specifically for children. Items in this section are such as : djembe kids, kids bongo, PVC tom-tom, frame drum kids, tambourine and stackables. The products come in colorful caribean pattern sarong and fiber skin head.
Jammer Series Djembe One of the best quality djembe drums from Bali Treasures- Drum Factory is the Jammer Series Djembe with Quality number 1 legal mahogany wood and quality no 1 rope that makes durable djembe drum and great bass and slap tones reproduction.
Hand Held Percussion and Shaker Bali Treasures also manufactures handheld percussion and shakers such as: karimba, clave tones, cocobak, wooden castania, dun-dun bells,PVC shaker, chimes, egg shaker, spring, wood clackers, wooden toungue, etc.
Frame Drum and Tambourine The other instruments from Bali Treasures- Drum Factory are frame drum, tambourine, timeline, frame drum tuneable and riq hand drum. Clients could easily play and listen to the unique sounds. In a hand of an expert, the simple tambourine or any hand percussion could bring a song or an event more alive.
Entry Level Series Djembe Medium quality djembe from Bali Treasures Drum Factory is the Entry Level Series Djembe. It is suitable for beginner djembe players. The djembe drum comes in smaller diameter and less rope runners yet it doesn't reduce the quality of the tones.
Elite Pro Series Djembe Elite Pro Series Djembe is the top level djembe drum from Bali Treasures-Drum Factory, which has a unique shape and carving, double rope tension, 3-rings-system, shaved goat skin head and made from no.1 legal mahogany wooden shell.
Doumbek The goblet shape drum, as we called Doumbek or darbuka, is produced by Bali Treasures- Drum Factory with good finishing and sound equivalent to the instruments from traditional middle east, north africa and eastern europe doumbek. It has synthetic drum head and long lasting fiberglass drum shell.
Djembe Accessories Extra care for your favorite hand drums with several djembe accessories such as : djembe bag, djembe cover, djembe strap, fiber skin head replacement, stackable drum bag, dun-dun stand and djembe stand. Bali Treasures offers many models of djembe bag, djembe cover and djembe strap.
Digeridoos The didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians of northern Australia potentially within the last 1,500 years and still in widespread use today both in Australia and around the world. It is sometimes described as a natural wooden trumpet or "drone pipe".
Cajon Cajon drum box is a six sided box used as a hand percussion musical instrument. Cajon is originated from Peru, South America. It is played by hitting its faceplate to create sounds. The percussion player can sit on top of the Cajon drum box and play the front plate using their bare hands to create tones.
Bougaribou, Dundun & Talking Drum African drum is one of the most used percussions in the whole world. It’s originally from Africa and easily played by children to elders. With the traditional African drum and African culture, bougaribou, dundun & talking drum are good for playing together with djembe and other instruments.
Beginner / Decorative Drums Series Bali Treasures- Drum Factory also offers djembe drum for Beginner level. It could also be used for Decorative djembe Drums. The djembe comes in two rings system, less rope runners, shaved goat skin head and made from Indonesian V-Legal certificated mahogany wood.