A Simple Way to Promoting Better Future for Children

Children are very unique and full of passion to know many things. For adults, sometimes they are acting funny but sometimes they might be very annoying with their whimper, say like when they see any interesting stuff that they want to have. But yes, most adults have forgotten that they were just the same back in years ago when they were children.

Behind all those children are likely to be, they have something in common that we believe could be a medium to dispense their energy,  develop their creativity by doing something productive to do. Just give them DRUMS, yes any hand drums like djembe, tom-tom, cajon, anything, and you will see them beating those drums with laughter and passion. Their inner cognitive and intelligence will be triggered, along with their social interaction sense to share and play together that can unite them as a team despite their ego.

Facts on what drum may have a positive influence for children are when they are guided properly to keep a steady beat, they will learn to give many kinds a sense of feeling to the music, like to make a song to be slow or fast, they will play the drums slower or faster. This will involve their listening skills, memory skills, and fine motor skills. This could also result in anxiety and stress relief, so it is good for their mental health.

Having confidence is one essential soft skill needed in children’s life. So this is also one important responsibility for parents to build their kids’ self-confidence. With the help of drums, children can learn new rhythms on the drums, it is like overcoming obstacles and daring to face challenges. Being part of a team when drumming with friends, will also develop their social confidence.

So based on the above, do you think that there is still any reason for not letting your children play with drums? Not just at home or around the neighborhood, kindergarten and elementary schools are likely to provide these simple and basic instruments for their students as an extracurricular activity. To support this, as a hand drums manufacturer, we provide products that are safe for children. No dangerous chemical is used in making our drums, thus will ensure safety for children and anyone who plays with it.

Let’s have the opportunity to not only educate children the old school way but to allow them to play drums for their better future.