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Bali Drum Factory Company Profile

Bali Treasures (djembe & cajon) “Drum Factory” was founded in 1998, and manufactures different Percussion Instruments (djembe & cajon). Today Bali Treasures produces more than 200 different Percussion instruments (djembe & cajon)and exports over 250.000 instruments annually to more than 50 countries

Specializing in Hand Drums, Bali Treasures is the largest Djembe drum manufacturer in the world with two production facilities, one warehouse and more than 350 employees. C.V. Bali Treasures also has two shops in Ubud retailing & wholesaling of more than 2000 different percussion instruments. The djembe & cajon drums are handcrafted from legal & quality number 1 Mahogany wood, Fiberglass and PVC.

Bali Treasures owns 4 global patents on the PVC Djembes as well as other shapes molded from PVC. With support from a dedicated R & D team, who constantly working on new product development, Bali Treasures has managed to be a leader in the hand percussion manufacturing industry.

High Quality Standards

High quality and sustainability (djembe & cajon) is of great importance and therefore Bali Treasures uses only registered suppliers that are controlled by the government. Not to mention the quality control experts on site who always check on the quality. The carvings on djembes are carved by 15 Balinese Master carvers that have the skills handed down from generation to generation for more than 140 years.

Bali Treasures is a family-owned company. One of our big strategies is sustainability. Therefore, Bali Treasures is working together with the local community to make sure that the materials are sustainable. Not to mention that the waste materials are to be disposed of in the proper way. Bali Treasures is also proud to be the first-Hand Drum Manufacturer (djembe & cajon as core products)in Indonesia to be Certified with Indonesia V-LEGAL Wood verification system.

In 2013, Bali Treasures was awarded Primaniyarta award, which is Indonesia Export Award from Indonesia Minister of Trade.


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