Decorative Drum Series

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  • CP-1 Djembe

    CP-1 Djembe

    This CP drums suits Beginner drummer/ interior Decorative purposes. The djembe drum has black finished with brown finish on fish lines carving on the lower side of the drum.

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  • CP-2 Djembe

    CP-2 Djembe

    This djembe drum suits Beginner drummers/ Decorative purpose. It’s painting is circle dot painting. Decorative can be in household or any other interior design spaces.

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  • CP-3 Djembe

    CP-3 Djembe

    This drum suits Beginner drummer/ Decorative djembe. Many households have used djembe drums to decorate to bring out ethnic atmosphere. This drum has a black finish with ocean turtle painted on the lower side of the drum. Its ethnic dot painting technique brings more ancient painting look to this drum. This drum would look and sound good in the drum circle and other drumming sessions.

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  • CP-4 Djembe

    CP-4 Djembe

    This djembe is suitable for Decorative and beginner drummers. It has black finished with bird carving on the lower side of the drum. The bird carving is called Kalimantan Burung which is unique and eye-catching. The drum is sturdy and has the black strong finish which would stand out in a drum circle and drumming events.

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  • CP-5 Djembe

    CP-5 Djembe

    This Beginner/ Decorative series djembe has red finish with bird carving on the lower side of the drum. The bird carving on the drum is called Kalimantan Burung. Other than for decorative and beginner drummers, this djembe is also suitable for the drum circle and drum healing programs. not only looks nice, the drum also looks neat and clean.

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