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  • Dun Dun Bells

    Dun Dun Bells

    The Dun Dun Bells has a set of three: large, medium and small size bell with black color. It is hand made & tuned in Drum Factory facility. Dun dun bells are made from metal pipe and are comfortable to hold. Its tones are so natural, focus and loud. This dun dun bells offers limitless joy and fun to any of your percussion performance.

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  • Clave Tone

    Clave Tone

    The clave tone is a percussion instrument. It is an essential part of Latin American music. The set of claves is made of solid metal. There are a set of two sticks. The tone is produced by hitting the sticks together. The thicker stick is held on one hand, and the other thinner stick is hitting the stick to achieve desired tones. This clave tone will add more fun to your percussion music performance.

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