Rope Tension

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  • ESPPVC-1A PVC Drum

    ESPPVC-1A PVC Drum

    The ESPPVC-1 is one of the PVC hand drums from Bali Treasures Drum Factory. It comes with blue sarong ethnic design. Bali Treasures owns the patent of making PVC hand drum in the world. This djembe hand percussion is made from PVC hence it is so light and has a robust djembe structure. It is so easy to be carried by anyone to any event. Its high pitch slap tone, roaring bass tone and appearance will amaze your audience and surrounding.

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  • ESPPVC-17C PVC Drum

    ESPPVC-17C PVC Drum

    This Elite Series PVC hand drum has full-bodied Sarong ethnic color Djembe design. It is equipped with fiber skin head. The high quality rope is for fine tuning. This hand drum is made for professional djembe players. Its thunderous bass and crisp slap tones would add good value to your djembe hand drum collection.

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