Stackable & Nesting Drum

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  • Stackable PVC Drum

    Stackable PVC Drum

    The stackable PVC hand drum is perfect for traveling. It is lightweight and stackable. For storage, simply remove the drum head and stack them all together.

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    The Nesting PVC hand drum is the latest PVC drums from Bali Treasures, Drum Factory Bali. It is very light and durable, and the best part is that it can fit 3 pieces of drums into 1 piece of drum. So clients can save a lot of spaces. It is perfect to accompany you while traveling. For drum storage, simply remove the drum head of biggest djembe drum and stack the smaller drums in. There are 3 available drum sizes, 8″ (Pretuned), 10″ (Pop Off Head), 12″ (Pop Off Head). The price is for a set of 3 pieces of drum with bag. It is also very suitable for children, schools, drum circle etc. It’s drum head is made of fiber skin head which is more durable for you to use.

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