Bamboo Rainstick

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  • RS004J


    A rain stick that provides a controlled sound that can be exploited by its player. This strong instrument is hand made from chosen materials that provides marked improvement from other rain stick.

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  • RS004G


    A rain stick provides tons of satisfaction. Hand made from bamboo and pebbles, this instrument is available in five different sizes that provide the atmosphere of a short shower to the aural intensity of a downpour.

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  • RS004E


    This rain stick makes an excellent choice for hand drum or African drums’ players looking for a rain stick that offers a tonal and musical sound. Its atmospheric sound and its attractive burn plain paintings make these Djembe’s equipments excellent choices for on stage use.

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  • RS004B


    This beautiful rain stick provides an atmospheric sound when played. The attractive burn sketch makes this rain stick look great both off and on stage. The rain stick is hand made from bamboo and pebbles and available in five different sizes.

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