Aluminium Doumbeck – ADB OS

Aluminium Doumbeck – ADB OS

Our New Doumbek comes with a beautiful design. With the same quality as the Djembe, Drum Factory produces Doumbek from aluminium.

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Doumbek is originated from the Arab region. It’s goblin shape and unique drum head add additional value to you. Trained and dancing fingers on the Doumbek would create unique tones & amazes your audiences.

Bali Treasures Doumbek is made from fiberglass. Its drum head is made from synthetic mylar skin. This Doumbek also supplied with L wrench key for your future tuning purposes. Please check out our rare percussion music video made by Jamal (world class percussionist) & his two friends, Jackson and Sriji. Jamal is playing Jamal edition of Doumbek but we assure that all Doumbek quality are controlled tightly and consistently. Pls check out the video below, Make your order now.

Details :

It has the unique copper color and texture. Not only it has the unique shape and color but also remarkable bass and slap tones. The sturdy and long lasting fiber structure will another good value to your purchase and collection.

Features :

  • Lifelong Fiberglass.
  • Mylar skinhead.
  • Tunable hardware for easy tuning system.
  • Wrench key included.
  • Rubber protector at the bottom.
  • Cooper textures.
  • Easy grab handle.

Additional information

Dimensions 28 x 44 cm

Copper Texture, Metal Brushes, Orange Sunrise, Purple Brushes

Video Demo

Video Demo

NOTE: We strongly advise you to use head phones for maximum enjoyment.

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Sound Demo

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