Highline Bongo Cajon

Highline Bongo Cajon

Bongo Cajon is so unique. It is a type of cajon that is suitable for travelling as it is easy to carry and compact. Made of full white teak material, this cajon has good natural finishing color and equipped with strap. The adjustable snare system (on/off) inside gives you option to play. Bongo Cajon also has two patented bassports which would bring high tone on one area of the faceplate and low tone on the other area, thus it will bring different tones and will suit your musical need while playing.

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CAJON CJ BONGO | Cajon Bongo is so unique for playing music while traveling. It has adjustable on/off snare system with natural doff faceplate and natural white teak full body. It sounds more great with its bass tone, thanks to the 2 pieces of patented bass port system attached to it.


  • Selected quality white teak plywood material.
  • Adjustable Snare (On/Off System)
  • 2 Patented Bassports
  • Compact design
  • Strap included for easiness to carry

Additional information

Dimensions 40 x 20 x 9 cm


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