Fixed Snare Cajon CJ BSP-FS R

Fixed Snare Cajon CJ BSP-FS R

CAJON CJ BSP-FS  | Cajon Primero Series Patented Bass Port Fixed Snare System Doff Red Mahogany With fancy Walnut Tropical Red Mahogany Face Plate. CJ BSP-FS  is one of the new Bali Treasures Cajon. With its deep bass, crackling slap tones and Fixed Snare system inside the faceplate, this Cajon would easily lead the rhythm of the musical collaboration.

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Check on our video demo, we have rare percussion music video by Jamal (world class percussionist) playing on Doumbek with his two friends Jackson & Sriji. Sriji is playing Cajon. The Cajon tones blend into the percussion music collaboration. Please check out our rare video below. Make your orders now. We have wholesale price & ready to ship worldwide.

The Cajon body color is the doff red mahogany with Fancy Walnut tropical red mahogany faceplate. It is equipped with fixed snare inside the Cajon. Fixed snare helps to create the crackling effect tone, not to mention it’s great bass tones production.


  • Sturdy and well built
  • Fixed snare inside.
  • Patented bassport
  • Red doff mahogany body color
  • Fancy walnut tropical red mahogany faceplate
  • Good bass & slap tones
  • Beautiful finishing & color
  • Suitable for many events.
  • Rubber feet

Additional information

Dimensions 30 x 30 x 48.5 cm

Video Demo

NOTE: We advise you to use headphones for maximum enjoyment.

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Sound Demo

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