EPMS-10 Djembe

EPMS-10 Djembe

Diameter: 33 cm
Height: 65 cm
This is the new Elite Pro Master Series Djembe from Bali Treasures-Drum Factory with chocolate color finishing. It has booming bass & crisp high slap tones. It is suitable for top professionals as well as intermediate djembe players. The inside & outside of the wooden shell is handcrafted by master carvers to maximize tone sound quality.

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This professional djembe is so beautiful aesthetically and so powerful in producing great bass and slap tones. Thus this hand drum djembe would accompany you very well in both private & public percussion music events. The Elite Pro Master Series Djembe has gone through a strict production Quality Control from logwood to end result. Long hours is spent in order to reach a good prepared wooden djembe shell. The shell of the djembe is proportionally shaped inside and outside to result in a great bass & slap tones. Not to mention, the finishing & carving of the Elite Pro Master Series djembe is also carefully handcrafted with a strict QC inspection.

This high-quality Master djembe is carved with diamonds carving at the bottom of the drum and some sea shells around its body. The EPMS-10 offers a 2-rings-system, double rope tension, blue colored ropes and has a West African characterized djembe shape. EPMS-10 is made from legal timber, which is certified by Indonesian Minister of Forestry. We use V-Legal certification for all our timber supply. Please listen to our video below.

Features :

  • From specially selected high quality Mahogany wood
  • Shaved goat skin head
  • 2 rings system made from High Tension Braided rope
  • Double rope runners
  • Rope runners 65 cm: 45
  • Easy grab handle
  • Extra rope runners allow for finer tuning
  • Hand carved on the inside of the shell to maximize the sound quality
  • Available in one size
  • Inside & outside proportionally shaped
  • Only uses perfect Mahogany log wood
  • Carefully done finishing
  • Uses thick shaved goat skin head & long hours of skin head production process
  • Due to hand made, limited availability for wholesale

Additional information

Dimensions 33 x 33 x 65 cm

Video Demo

NOTE: We strongly advise you to use headphones for maximum enjoyment.

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