EPMS Jack Fruit Djembe

EPMS Jack Fruit Djembe

Diameter: 33×33 cm
Height: 65 cm
This is the new Elite Pro Master Series Jack Fruit Djembe from Bali Treasures-Drum Factory with a natural color finish and diamond carving. The jackfruit wood shell is hand carved by Bali Master carvers for maximum tone. It easily produces roaring bass tones & high pitched slap tones. It is very difficult to get a flawless jackfruit logwood, especially the big diameter ones. But once we have it, Bali Treasures will turn it into an art masterpiece, which is so beautiful aesthetically and so powerful in producing slap and bass tones.

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This Jack Fruit djembe is so awesome on the inside and outer side of the shell. All shape, measurement & finishing is standardized. Hence the drum is a beautiful piece of art and reliable djembe drum music instrument. You could see that the finishing is smooth and even. Wood color is also natural. Do make your order now. Our great wholesale price would complete your drumming needs.

Every jackfruit djembe shell goes through rigorous stages of quality control inspection. The hand drum shell must be perfect as in no crack and termites free. It must also go through days of the wood drying process. The djembe shell is proportionally shaped inside and outside that we make a standard measurement for each part of the djembe. Every paint finishing and carving is done carefully so that the carving is neat and the paint surface is smooth.


The shaved goat skin on the drum head is the thick and XL size ones. The special skin has to be durable enough to be tuned with tied ropes and future re-tuning. The djembe skinhead also goes through a whole long process to the ready to be fit onto the jackfruit djembe shell. EPMS Jack Fruit Djembe comes with overlap shaved goat skin, with selected back goatskin. This jackfruit Elite Pro Master Series Djembe could easily present you thunderous bass and high pitched slap tones. It is worthy to be one of your high valued percussion collection.


This full Jack Fruit shell djembe is completed with diamonds carving at the bottom of the drum and some sea shells around of its body.
EPMS Jack Fruit is made from legal timber and certified by Indonesian Minister of Forestry. We use V-Legal certification for all our timber supply. EPMS Jack Fruit Djembe comes with 2-rings-system, double rope tension system, green & yellow ropes and has a West African characteristic.

Features :

  • Crafted from specially selected high quality Jack Fruit wood
  • Shaved goat skin head
  • 2 rings system made from High Tension Braided rope
  • Double rope runners
  • Easy grab handle
  • Extra rope runners allow for finer tuning
  • Rope Runner: 45
  • Hand carved on the inside of the shell to maximize the sound quality
  • Available in one size
  • Inside & outside proportionally shaped
  • Only uses perfect jack fruit log wood
  • Carefully done finishing
  • Uses thick shaved goat skin head & long hours of skin head production process
  • Due to hand made, limited availability for wholesale

Additional information

Dimensions 33 x 33 x 65 cm

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