Elite Pro Master Series Djembe, Rope on top, is one of our new Master Series model. It is carved, shaped and finished using standardized measurements. On top of the drum shell is covered with 3 colors of rope, red. yellow and green. The goat skin drum head is the thicker & stronger goat skin, which is the skin from the spinal part. The spinal part skin is believed to be very strong & elastic. Hence it fits well on the drum head for better resonance and tone production.

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Djembes are widely used nowadays in many developed countries. The usage of djembes has been developed from percussion music instrument to the use of healing in hospitals and team buildings. The elderly housing and hospital therapy patients are some places that are getting frequent in playing djembes.

This full Mahogany shell djembe is completed with diamonds carving at the bottom of the drum. EPMS-Rope is made from legal timber, which is certified by Indonesian Minister of Forestry. We use V-Legal certification for all of our timber supply. EPMS-Rope comes with 2-rings-system, double rope tension system, 3 color ropes & solid style of West African characteristic.

You must listen to the videos below for action tones. All djembes are tuneable using the extra ropes. We have also left 3 samples of tuning knot for future tuning at the side of the djembes. It is very easy for everybody to tune it. Please also check our great wholesale prices.
Features :

  • From specially selected high quality Mahogany wood
  • Shaved goat skin head
  • 2 rings system made from High Tension Braided rope
  • Double rope runners
  • Rope runners 50 cm: 25
  • Rope runners 60 cm: 30
  • Rope runners 65 cm: 35
  • Easy grab handle
  • Extra rope for future fine tuning
  • Hand carved on the inside of the shell to maximize the sound quality
  • Available in three sizes
  • Proportionally shaped inside & outside & well prepared wooden djembe shell
  • Only uses perfect Mahogany log wood
  • Carefully done finishing
  • Uses thick shaved goat skin drum head & long hours of skin head production process

Additional information

Dimensions 24 x 26 x 50 cm


Video Demo

NOTE: We strongly advise you to use headphones for maximum enjoyment.

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Sound Demo

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