DAPRO-12 Djembe

DAPRO-12 Djembe

This Pro African Djembe has a nice orange sunrise finishing and random line pattern. It produces phenomenal bass and slap tones.

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The DAPRO-12 is completed with solid mahogany wood, shaved goat skin head and 2-rings-system made from high tension braided rope. It is suitable for professional djembe player.
DAPRO-12 is made from legal timber and certified by Indonesian Minister of Forestry. We use V-Legal certification for our legal timber.

Features :

  • From special selected high quality Mahogany wood
  • Shaved goat skin head
  • 2 rings system made from High Tension Braided rope
  • Easy grab handle
  • Extra rope runners allow for finer tuning
  • Available in three sizes

Additional information

Dimensions 24 x 26 x 50 cm



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