Standard RIQ

Standard RIQ

Standard Riq is made from enduring PVC and fiber skin drumhead. It has unique motive and has slight improvement from its original Arabic traditional instrument. The jingle tone is adding more fun and excitement to your solo and group music performance. It offers Good value for your wide percussion collection.

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Riq is a traditional music instrument from Arab regions. Its unique shape, tone, and jingle are ready to amaze your audience. The riq’s structure is made from sturdy PVC combine with fiber skinhead and 4 pairs of the jingle. Its unique color is also adding good value to the product.

Please check our videos below. Played by professional percussionist, Jamal Mohammed. In the video, Jamal is playing height riq, which is a little taller than this standard riq. Another video is made also by Jamal Mohammed on frame drum. Please check them out and make your orders. We have a great wholesale price for you.


  • Unique motive design.
  • Light weight frame drum, suitable for travelling.
  • Tuneable hardware for easy tuning system.
  • 4 pairs of jingles.

Additional information

Dimensions 26 x 6 cm

Video Demo

NOTE: We advise you to use headphones for maximum enjoyment

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Jamal With Riq

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Jamal with Frame Drum

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