ESPPVC-MG (monkey green) is the new patented PVC djembe model from Bali Treasures-Drum Factory Bali. It comes in artistic sarong with monkey rhythm green motive and has a good shape like the traditional African hand drum. The PVC drum is very light so that everyone could carry it easily to everywhere. It’s shape and appearance is so eye catching that it would turn heads and check out this PVC djembe that you are carrying.

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Rope tension is very tight so that the air is compressed when you play it. This drum is using synthetic fiber drum head yet the quality is equivalent to the goat skin head.

Please listen to the video below. Played by jamal and Gusti, both videos shows awesome bass and slap tones of the PVC djembe. You will love this PVC djembe. This unique hand drum is worth to be in one of your percussion collections.


  • Robust, lightweight and available in fiber skin head.
  • Basic ring system and easy grab handle.
  • The shape of the shell has been improved for better tones and looks more like the shape of traditional African drum.
  • Patented seamless one piece molded shell for better tone quality.
  • Diamond tuning on every drum, extra rope for fine tuning.
  • High tension braided rope.
  • Rubber protector at the bottom.
  • Artistic monkey motive green finished.

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8 With Fiber Skin, 10 With Fiber Skin, 12 With Fiber Skin, 14 With Fiber Skin

Video Demo

Watch full video on new tab/full screen

Watch the full video on new tab/full screen


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