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Djembe African Hand Drum

Bali Treasures “Drum Factory” is a Musical Instrument Manufacturer. Located on the mystical island of Bali We are the largest Djembe - Hand Drum Manufacturer & Exporter in Indonesia. From African style rope tension drums to Tunable hand drums we have a product for you. If you need drums for the Professional hand drummer or the beginner, we produce several levels for all markets. Drums are hand turned from #1 Mahogany Plantation wood as well as other varieties. We also produce many other ethnic hand percussion & African drum instruments as well as Synthetic Didgeridoos and Fiberglass hand drums/ Djembe’s.

Please review our on line catalog and e-mail with any information required.

Ordering from Bali Treasures is the same as buying Factory Direct, which allows Musical Instrument Wholesalers and Retailers a substantial cost savings. If you have never imported before we have all the information you will need to make things easy. View our ordering page for details Bali Treasures also manufactures Custom Products. Special carvings, Paint styles, Your Logos and more with minimum quantities per style.

Hand Percussion & Hand Drum Instruments:

Rope Tension, Djembes, Tunable Djembes and Ashikos, Bougarabous, Dun Dun, Ocean Drums, Hand Drums, Tongue Drums
Didgeridoos: Wood , Bamboo & PVC. Musical Chimes & Meditation Chimes, Shakers & Rattles, Maracas, Hurios, Rain Sticks, Flutes and many Kids Instruments.

Our Online hand percussion & African drum wholesale Catalog represents only a sampling of many musical products produced by Bali Treasures. We continually add new items, so please check often or E-mail: for new products not in our Catalog. Also, please visit our hand percussion and hand drum resource page for more musical instrument resources.

About Hand Percussion manufacturer:

Bali Treasures is South East Asia’s largest manufacturer and wholesaler of hand percussion, hand drums and musical instruments accessories.


the Djembe Drum Fiberglass Djembe

In addition to Djembe made of wood, there are Fiberglass Djembe models. Please access the link below to see our modern new Djembe Fiberglass Models.

Fiberglass Djembe >>


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