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Bali Treasures “Drum Factory” is an African Hand Drum Percussion Musical Instrument Manufacturer

Located on the mystical island of Bali, we are the largest Djembe - African Hand Drum Percussion - Cajon Manufacturer & Exporter in Indonesia.

Ordering from Bali Treasures is the same as buying Factory Direct, which allows Percussion Musical Instrument Wholesalers and Retailers a substantial cost savings. If you have never imported before we have all the information you need to make things easy. View our ordering page for details. Bali Treasures also manufactures Custom African Drum Percussion Products, special carvings, Paint styles, Your Logos and more with minimum quantities per style.

Cajon Cajon drum is a box-like percussion music instrument. The percussionist sits on the Cajon and play the front plate using their bare hands to create tones.
PVC Hand Drums/ djembe PVC djembe is globally patented by Bali Treasures. PVC drums are made from high quality PVC and have equivalent tones with wooden djembe.
Metal Tones Sounds of Metal : Hang Drum. The hang drum was told originally from a Swiss artist. The unique hang drum shape is always eye catching to the audiences.
Elite Pro Series Djembe Drum Elite Series Pro Djembe,is ultimate djembe from us,it has unique shape & carving,3-ring-system,shaved goat skin head & no.1 legal mahogany wood.
Pro Series Djembe drum Pro Series djembe drum is offered with three rings system, more rope runners, shaved hair goat skin head and Indonesian V-Legal certificated mahogany wood.
Jammer Series Djembe The Jammer Series Djembe comes with Quality number 1 legal mahogany wood and quality no 1 rope. It makes the djembe drum durable and capable of making good tones.
Entry Level Series Djembe The medium quality djembe from Bali Treasures is the Entry Level Series. It is suitable for beginner djembe players. The djembe drum comes in smaller diameter and less rope runners.
Beginner / Decorative Drums Series Bali Treasures also offers djembe drum for Beginner and decorative purpose. The djembe comes in two rings system and less rope runners.
Bougaribou, Dundun & Talking Drum African drum is one of the most used percussions in the world. The bougaribou, dundun & talking drum are good for playing together with djembe.
Doumbek Darbuka Offering doumbek in good finishing and sound equivalent to the instruments from traditional Middle East, It has synthetic drum head and durable fiberglass shell.
Djembe Accessories Extra care for your favorite hand drums with several djembe accessories such as : djembe bag, djembe cover, djembe strap, fiber skin head replacement, etc.
Frame Drum and Tambourine Bali Treasures also offers frame drum, tambourine, timeline. In the hand of expert, a simple tambourine could turn into lively music instrument.
Hand Held Percussion and Shaker Bali Treasures manufactures : karimba, clave tones, wooden castania, dun-dun bells,PVC shaker, egg shaker, wooden tongue drum, etc.
Digeridoos The didgeridoo is a wind instrument developed by Indigenous Australians and still in widespread use today both in Australia and around the world.
Rain Stick The hollow tube from Bali Treasures is called rainstick, made from bamboo and PVC. The beautiful rainstick provides an atmospheric sound when played.
Kid Stuff The kid stuff are made specifically for children. Items in this section are such as : djembe kids, kids bongo, PVC tom-tom, frame drum kids, tambourine and stackables.



October 28, 2016

Christopher Dun

There are many djembes in the market but djembes from Drum Factory has unique design and paintings. The solid wood shell makes the drum sounds spectaculer. Good job.


November 12, 2016


Fair price but good quality djembe. Very recommended.


November 02, 2016


I bought this beautiful djembe from Bali Treasures Drum factory 3 weeks ago. Carved and painted beautifully & sounds awesome too. Thank you Drum factory.


November 27, 2016

Andreas Michael

Very recommended seller. Communicative seller and good build quality djembe

FAQ of Hand Drum & Cajon


A:Bali Treasures “Drum Factory” was founded in 1998, and has since manufactured different Percussion Instruments. Today Bali Treasures produces more than 200 different Percussion instruments and export over 250.000 instruments annually to more than 50 countries.


A:Bali Treasures uses legal timber from the source, timber production always controlled by Indonesian Minister of Forestry. It's called Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK).


A:Bali Treasures Drum Factory has a valid and verifiable (V-legal wood logo) of legal wood products, which is has been already recognized in several countries.


A:If you are a new customer please click on register and fill out the information form below and submit. Our staff will be reviewing your information, and make an approval. After approved, you can inquire about our product.


A:We're ready to sale our categories of products such as Elite Pro Series, Pro Series, Jammer Series, Entry Level Series, PVC drums, Cajon, Bougarabou, dundun, talking etc.


A:Bali Treasures is the first factory in Asia who made a patented PVC DJEMBE drums. Bali Treasures patented PVC drums made from number 1 quality of PVC, lightweight and easy handle.

Main Drum Factory Products


jembe is now becoming one of the most popular musical instruments in the world. It is also counted as the most wanted musical instrument for the lovers of Reggae music. Historically Djembe is originated from the country of Mali. This musical instrument was created in order to accompany the traditional dances and songs of the native people of Mali. Culturally, this Djembe is played only at night during the many traditional ceremonies such as the celebration of welcoming Full Moon, harvest season, marriage season and many others. The presence of Djembe makes the traditional life of the people become more alive and colorful. They become more energetic. The integrity and the harmony of the melodious tone produced by Djembe and the unique movements of cultural dances accompanied by the strains of the beautiful traditional songs truly makes present the spiritual nuance in the middle of the assemble.

Nowadays Djembe has become well-known in the worldwide horizons. Djembe is now can be made out of various materials such as wood, fiberglass, and PVC. Nowadays Djembe can be made out of wood, fiberglass or PVC. Bali Treasures holds the global patent for creating Djembes out of PVC pipes. The form of Djembe is like a goblet-shaped which resembles a shape of an hourglass. Nowadays Djembe is using rope, mechanical tuning and glue sealed-heads to create tension to the drum's head. The more tension created, the higher pitch of the notes will be. Stronger drum's surface will produce more melodious sounds. There are several different kinds of Djembe according to the sizes and the decorated-styles.



African drum is one of the most used percussion in the whole world. It is actually a traditional musical instrument originated from the land of Africa. This Musical instrument is quite easy to be played. Anyone could play African drum. Even small kids love to play it. Percussion instruments are the most loveable musical instrument for the Africans. That's why it is becoming obvious that most of percussions instrument originated from this continent. The most popular one is named as Djembe. It has 3 major tones namely low (bass), mid and high pitch (slap). The integrity of these three tunes will produce harmonious musical tunes ever heard. The three tones-combined would create the uniqueness of African rhythm drumming. Originally African drum head is made out of cow skin and goatskin. Now, the African drum has been civilized, therefore the materials used to construct this particular musical instrument are not only the skins of goat and cow but also synthetic materials such as fiberglass and PVC. In this modern era, the African drum has been used by thousands of musicians from the different part of the world. The migration of the Africans to Europe, Asia, and America give a new way of promoting their traditional musical instruments, well known as African Drum.



Cajon is a box-shaped musical instrument originated from the land of Peru. Based on the facts of history, Cajon was first made by the slaves of Peru during the very terrible colonialism of Spain. In those days, the slaves were strictly prohibited to play any kind of musical instruments of the White. This situation pushed them strongly to mold unused wood to be a box-shaped instrument. They played this hand-made musical instrument to accompany the traditional songs to symbolize their longing for freedom, peace, togetherness, and happiness. Later, they came to realize that the melodious sound of the instrument was perfect inharmonious with the songs that they sang. This harmony encouraged them to keep and continue what they had done.

In the present epoch, due to the migration and development of knowledge and technology, Cajon now becomes civilized and well known to the worldwide societies. Cajon is reckoned to be one of the most used instrument by the contemporary musicians. This six-sided-box hand percussion musical instrument is played by hitting its faceplate with a bare hand to create sounds while the player sits on the top of it. The development of this Cajon influences its sounds as well. Cajon becomes loveable to musicians because of its uniqueness and melodious sounds. Cajon also produces a different kind of sounds yet they are in perfect harmony.



In the present epoch, music becomes a need for everyone. Music is part of human life. How does music become so meaningful to the contemporary societies? By scrutinizing the natures of music, we can come to conclude that music is not merely an entertainment tool, but furthermore, it is a healing and comforting instrument needed by men and women to keep their bodies, minds, and soul healthy and fresh. We have heard many stories about a healing power of music that makes the sick get healed again. This fact emphasizes the real functions of music. Many people including the author have experienced the amazing power of music. Music is capable of releasing any kind of stresses, negative emotions and burdens of life. There are many different types of music. They all have their own uniqueness and capacity of entertaining and healing. it depends on the lovers of music, which music they prefer to.

In this article, the author specifically elaborates on hand percussion, one of the many types of musical instruments. Hand percussion is actually a musical instrument which can be sounded by striking, shaking, rubbing, scraping nor blowing. Hand Percussion is said to be one of the oldest musical instruments. Historically they are created to accompany the traditional songs and cultural dances during the many rituals and ceremonies in any occasions.

Nowadays, this hand percussion is commonly used in musical art performances such orchestra and concert. The collaboration of hand percussion and any musical instruments will create very beautiful and melodious tunes ever heard. This collaboration makes music becomes more colorful and enjoyable. There are several kinds of and percussions such as timpani, cymbals, tambourines, and triangle. There are hand percussions that can be played by blowing. Whistles are one of the examples. Seeing the musician playing hand drum is said to be a special moment, for it creates joy and happiness in us. Much more if we can play by ourselves. it would be greater ever.

Video of Djembe African Hand Drum Percussion & Cajon

Award Of Our Djembe African Hand Drum & Cajon Factory

We are proud that Bali Treasures complies with government law to use legal wood for our Djembes raw materials. With the V Legal certification system, we are joining the government program for a sustainable Indonesian forest. All of our legal wood usage is documented and track able from raw wood material to end product.

KAN certification: KAN is the Indonesian national committee for quality accreditation. Bali Treasures is certified and audited every year by Indonesian Accreditation Committee for the utility of the log wood legality. This certification shows that Bali Treasures is active in supporting Indonesian government in maintaining a sustainable forest for the young generations to come.

Primaniyarta Award is the highest award presented by the Republic of Indonesian’s government to the most successful Indonesian exporters. With this award, Bali Treasures is hoped to be the role model for other Indonesian exporters.

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