DDFR-M African Drum

DDFR-M African Drum

The DDFR-M medium-size African drum Dun-dun is handmade to complement our large size dun-dun.
Diameter: 26 cm
Height: 55 cm

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The medium size dun-dun comes with a matching full rough finishing and cow skin drum head. No doubt, the cow skin drum head enables dun dun to make booming bass tone and high crisp slap tone. Every time you compose a great music, these lightweight hand drum will be heard in the background with the tones, which come close to the original African drum tones. This percussion will accompany you best in your Djembe session with your friends. It will give you so much fun.

Features :

  • Made from specially selected high quality Indonesia Mahogany wood.
  • Hairy Cow skin head.
  • Basic rings system made from High Tension Braided rope.
  • Easy grab handle.
  • Extra rope runners allow for finer tuning.
  • Full rough craved bodied.

Additional information

Dimensions 26 x 26 x 55 cm


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