What To Do For Beginner Cajon Player

World Record of Cajon Drum

Nowadays, cajons are very popular amongst music players and audience. With the increasing demand and popularity, many cajon beginners players can search from numerous links that are teaching how to play cajons. As for beginner level they are also search for competitive price cajon yet has good bass and slap tones. Bali Treasures offers some great models of cajons for beginners and intermediate cajon players. Below are 10 advices for cajon beginner level.

Practice makes perfect

1. Look for the right cajons.

Choosing the right cajon can be tricky. The cajon market is flooded with numerous brands and price level. Beginner level normally look for cajons range from $75-$120. Bali Treasures cajon is very competitive (please contact us for wholesale and OEM prices) yet bass and slap tone quality are boldly comparable with the higher end cajons. There are also many shapes and sizes for you to choose. Bali Treasures offers size ranges of regular size, Big size, small size and cajon for kids. Depending on your height, we would suggest you to choose the right size of cajon so that you can play it comfortably later on.

My Cajon

2. Look for mentor

There are many online channels for tutoring how to play cajons for beginner level. You can easily focus on them and follow their instructions step by step until you are fluent with the rhythm. You can even rewind it when you missed some parts, isn’t technology amazing? Apparently there is a better way of enhancing your cajon drumming skills, that is finding a cajon mentor for yourself. The best part is that you can interact with her/him and they can feedback to you what is best and how is better. You just need to be passionate and patient to find a good mentor. Once you are mastering it, I bet you won’t regret the learning process.

My Mentor

3. Best Cajon playing position.

Cajon playing can be tricky as the cajon drum is beneath you or you are sitting on it. So, learning for the best sitting position is good for you. First, you need to relax and sit on the cajon drum properly. In other word, you need to sit straightly so that you won’t stress out your back bone and back muscles when play for quite a while.

Warming up needed

Try to feel and reach to the center part of the faceplate as the most area will be hit by your hands are the top faceplate and the middle of the faceplate. So you need to accustom to reach to those areas .From here, you will learn further properly about the technique, speed and agility.

4. Warming Up

Just like in any other sports, you need to perform warming up specially you back and waist area. Try to do stretching and warming up so that your waist and back muscle are warm and ready for action. This warming up is to prevent you from injuring your back muscle and back bones.

Warming up 1

Warming up 2

Warming up 3

5. Cajon drum sounds or tones

Firstly you need to understand which part of the faceplate that can generate bass and slap tones. Normally the slap tone is created by hitting the top part of the faceplate. While the bass tone is generated by hitting the middle part of the faceplate. Bali Treasures cajon is pre-installed with bass port hence the bass tone is very obvious when you hit the mid faceplate part. Some techniques will use fingertips or fingers, some will use cupping hands or whole palm. A long with your learning process you will choose which one is comfortable for you and you will enhance the tone variations with your improving techniques.

BASS-SLAP tones Area

6. Utilize Metronome

A metronome is a tool that is used by musicians to calculate certain time rate and a tick so that rhythm can be followed. A metronome will help you the timing of a beat and time rate so that you can adjust your beat rate and rhythm. It’s fun when you get the feel of using it. There are many online metronome or applications for mobile phone. Simply download and install it on your mobile phone and you are ready to rock.

Classic Metronome

7. Commit yourself and make a schedule.

There is an old saying that “Practice makes perfect”. It is proven for most people. So it is advised that you should make a regular and timely practice everyday to improve your speed and agility. Once you are fluent with one technique you could move on to the more complex one and practice more. You will be amazed with your Cajon playing technique eventually. Remember to perform warming up and stretching especially your waist and back spinal area.


8. Agility and tempo improvement.

One you have mastered a few simple techniques, you could improve to the same techniques yet with higher rate tempo and agility. Most drummers would have the temptation to increase their speed drumming rate but we advise you to take your time. You would know when you have reached certain higher level with speed, agility and tempo improvement. You could speed up your metronome at 5 BPM gradually depending on your achievement. You would be surprised with your achievement eventually.


9. Innovative in new drumming style

The most successful percussionist is the one who have mastered many styles of drumming. Being a successful percussionist means one would be hired easily. Yet as a Cajon drum player we advise you to master some basic Afro-Peruvian cajon drumming style in order to honor the inventor or innovation of the Afro-Peruvian cajon drumming style. There are also Flamenco style and group as well. Starting with rumba rhythm and improving to Buleria rhythm is also a good idea for improvement. Knowing the history and old styles of cajon drumming would prepare you to be a respected cajon drum player in the future.






10. Drumming with friends and groups

Once you have mastered some cajon drumming styles, we advise you to go out and cajon drumming with your friends. Another faster way to improve your skill is by joining the drumming group and drum with them. With your group you could see what they have achieved in cajon style and learn about new cajon styles. Beside same interest in cajon, you could even interact with other group members. Who knows you will find your new best friends there. Cajon drumming is positive, fun, active and useful. Bali Treasures is ready to support you with great lines of cajons and improved periodically depending on market demand. Our R&D team is working with full heartedly to improve cajons, djembe and other hand percussion products. Make you call/ email to us now.

Mass cajon drumming

Mass cajon drumming

Video of group cajon drumming

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Video of personal cajon drumming. Cajon PVC Black By MURALI KHRISNAN

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